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During the last 50 years I've used a lot of different makes and models of harmonicas... I'm currently using a full set of the Seydel Noble Harmonicas (with stainless steel reeds). These are the very best harmonicas I have ever used!

Click here to visit the official Seydel Harmonica site.


Currently I'm using 3 different rigs when I go to play a gig:

My electric rig when I drive to the gig:

  1. I use a Shaker / Madcat harmonica microphone. The microphone is plugged into a Samson Airlines, AG1 wireless transmitter.

  2. Next in the chain is my pedal board. First the wireless signal is received by the Samson Airlines AP1 receiver. The signal then goes through an MXR 10 band Graphic EQ (customized by Elevon Audio to make it quieter). Next in line is a Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Overdrive. This is followed by an Electro-Harmonics MicroPOG. The last in the effects chain is a Way Huge Supa-Puss delay (an analog delay with digital controls).

    Here is a link to a youTube video which further describes my pedal board before I added the Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Overdrive.

  3. The output of the Supa-Puss delay (the last effect on my pedal board) is plugged into a Peavey Transformer 112 guitar amp. The Transformer is a user-friendly modeling amp with loads of additional built-in effects.

My electric rig when I fly to the gig:

When I fly to an "electric gig" these days I take with me about thirty Seydel harmonicas, a Shaker / Madcat harmonica microphone, and my pedal board. I plug the pedal board into whatever big, clean guitar amp I can borrow, something 50 to 100 watts. I dial in the amp's cleanest setting, and then control my tone from the controls on the Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Overdrive. I usually have to cut the middle and treble on the guitar amp a little bit, and sometimes boost the bass.

No rig at all

A lot of my gigs these days are with Chris Brubeck's Triple Play, or sitting in with singer -songwriters, and for these gigs I usually don't bring any microphone or amp at all... I play thru whatever vocal mike the venue might have, quite often a Shure SM-58.

I change my equipment from time to time, but for now I'm happy with these three setups.

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