Madcat Kids' Shows

Folk Music, Blues, Jazz, and World Music with an underlying theme of Cultural Diversity and World Brotherhood performed on harmonica, guitar, ukulele, kalimba, penny-whistle, jaw-harp and other folk instruments from around the world. Madcat's kids' concerts are "kid tested and approved."

"Since 1980 I have had the pleasure of playing folk music, blues and world music for school assemblies and libraries throughout the United States. In my assembly programs I use harmonicas, ukulele, guitar, penny-whistles, jaw-harps, kalimba and other folk instruments from around the world to demonstrate a variety of musical styles. The students are encouraged to ask questions and to participate in the program by clapping out rhythms, composing blues lyrics, and by singing along."

"My assembly or library programs run about fifty minutes in length. When I perform at a school or library I bring with me a portable sound reinforcement system (P.A.), and a large assortment of musical instruments. It usually takes me about an hour to unload my equipment, set it up, and tune my instruments. Then it takes another hour to pack it up and reload it into my car. For this reason I can do no more than two assembly programs per day. I usually charge $300.00 for an isolated assembly program, $400.00 for two shows in the same location, and $250.00 per school if I perform in two schools in one day. I like to book my engagements a few months in advance."


Madcat's experience is extensive. He has been playing harmonica and guitar for over 50 years. He's been a professional touring and recording musician since 1970. He's played in rock bands, blues bands, and folk groups, and for three and a half years he toured world-wide with renowned jazz pianist Dave Brubeck.

Madcat has performed in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the Cayman Islands, England, Germany, Holland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Spain, and Taiwan, and in just about every state in the Union. His harmonica can be heard on over 100 CD's and LP's.

In 1997 Madcat was named Harmonica Player of the Year by the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica (SPAH).

In February 2006 Madcat won a Grammy Award for his participation in William Bolcom's Songs of Innocence and of Experience which was named best classical album released in 2005.

National television and radio appearances, movie soundtrack recordings, symphony orchestra performances, and harmonica workshops all attest to Madcat's reputation as one of the best and most versatile harmonica players in the world.

Madcat's expertise on the harmonica amazes audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Performance Magazine refers to him as "A harmonica virtuoso who is rapidly approaching legend status." Each performance by Madcat includes his rare spark and drive. He has such a good time playing music that people naturally respond to him. His enthusiasm is unpretentious and contagious. As Dave Brubeck said in an interview in International Musician "Madcat's got that magical quality... Audiences here and overseas go with him all the way."


Madcat is a supremely gifted musician and an inspirational performer."
   Irene Bender
   Supervisor, Gifted Programs
   West Chester Area School District
   West Chester, Pennsylvania

"Your ability to play a wide variety of instruments was amazing. You captivated the audience, to say the least."
   Ivan Compagner
   Principal, Lakeview School
   Holland, Michigan

"The teachers and staff were impressed with your ability to communicate with the children in an interesting, friendly and informative manner."
   Sister Jayne Daly
   Principal, Resurrection School
   Chicago, Illinois

"Your performances in Grand Rapids last week were enthusiastically received by both teachers and students. Many teachers commented on your excellent rapport with the audience."
   Cindy Clair
   Council of Performing Arts for Children
   Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The integration of historical background with the music added another dimension, providing the children with exposure to music from other lands and times. It was great!! Thanks so much!"
   Dennis Van Haitsma
   Principal, Holland Heights School
   Holland, Michigan

"I'm sure you will not be disappointed with the quality and relevance of Madcat's performance"
   John J. Stempek
   Housemaster, Lincoln Elementary School
   Rutland, Vermont


"Madcat has got to be one of the greatest jazz soloists in terms of getting an audience. He's got that magical quality. It doesn't matter if he's playing a hoe-down kind of thing that evolves into a blues and pretty soon into jazz. Audiences here and overseas go with him all the way. He's into music without categories."
    - Dave Brubeck

"A harmonica virtuoso rapidly approaching legend status for his style."
    - Performance Magazine

"By any standard, Peter Ruth must be considered one of the greatest harmonica players of all time. His virtuosity on the diatonic harp is simply amazing!"
    - Richard Hunter, author of Jazz Harp, Oak Publications

"Madcat is my favorite harmonica player."
    - Corky Siegel

"Peter Madcat Ruth is a harmonica player of faultless technique, imagination and delivery."
    - Melody Maker Magazine

"Madcat is with out a doubt, one of the most phenomenal harmonica players that I have ever heard, and I've heard them all."
    - Jerry Murad of the Harmonicats

"A harmonica virtuoso rapidly approaching legend status for his style."
    - Performance Magazine

"Madcat treads the line between control and abandon, a sure fire method for heating up a crowd."
    - Niel Tesser

"Harmonica wizard Peter Madcat Ruth's wild blues playing sparked raucous approval and his quieter work was simply amazing."
    - Milwaukee Journal

"The best blues harmonica player in the world... And no one plays an audience better, either."
    - Bob Talbert, Detroit Free Press

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