Madcat Solo Performances

Peter Madcat Ruth is a champion of the long-standing tradition of the one man band. A solo show by Madcat is a high quality musical event to be seen and heard.

Madcat sings and plays harmonica, guitar, high-hat, ukulele, jaw harp, banjo, kalimba, penny-whistle and pretty near anything else he can get his hands on.

Madcat's repertoire of songs which he has written or collected over the last 50 years is quite eclectic. Blues and American Roots Music songs predominate, but elements of Jazz and World Music are also part of the mix.

"When Madcat gets going you'd swear there's a three piece band standing behind the curtains backing him up. The variety of orchestral textures and multiple rhythms he can produce is astonishing."
      Renaldo Migaldi
      Michigan State News

"One comes away impressed, not only with the skillful arrangements but with the jovial informality with which he performs. His act is great fun to watch."
      Michigan Daily

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Peter Madcat Ruth

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