The Big Joe Manfra Band

Big Joe Manfra Band at ease

In 1998, Madcat started touring with the Big Joe Manfra Band, one of the hottest bands on the Brazilian blues scene.

Madcat and the Big Joe Manfra band have now completed twelve tours of Brazil and have played over one hundred shows together including three appearances on Globo International TV.

Together they recorded a live CD entitled MADCAT LIVE IN RIO which has been released in Brazil on the Bluestime Records label.

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The Big Joe Manfra Band is:

Big Joe Manfra - guitar
Fabio Mesquita - bass
Andre Carvalho - drums
Jefferson Gonçalves - harmonica

"Big Joe Manfra is a great guitarist. His lead playing is always tasteful, and his rhythm playing is as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. I had a great time performing and recording with Big Joe and I look forward to making music with him again."
            Peter Madcat Ruth

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