Madcat, Kane & Maxwell Street

Madcat, Kane, and Maxwell Street live at the Creole Gallery

Madcat & Kane (Shari Kane on guitar and vocals and Peter Madcat Ruth on harmonica and vocals) have been together for over 20 years. In 2008 Madcat & Kane recruited a couple of like-minded musicians and expanded into an acoustic quartet. Madcat & Kane plus Mark Schrock (bass and vocals) and Mike Shimmin (drums and percussion) is

Madcat, Kane & Maxwell Street

Deep, acoustic, swampy, rootsy, woody, quirky, living and breathing blues... (certainly not your average blues band)

Named after the famous Chicago street market where anything could be bought or sold, and where live blues was a regular feature, this new quartet specializes in acoustic blues and American roots music.

Madcat and Mark Schrock have been playing music off and on since the late 1970s. When Mark joins Madcat and Kane, magic happens. His voice adds the perfect third part to Madcat & Kane harmonies and his bass playing fills in the bottom without getting in the way of Shari Kane's intricate guitar picking. When not playing with Madcat, Kane & Maxwell Street, Mark can be heard playing with Jive At Five, Iowa Rose or The Schrock Bros.

The fourth member of the band is drummer Mike Shimmin. He always adds the perfect light touch on the drums, elevating the groove while maintaining acoustic sensibilities. When not playing with Madcat, Kane & Maxwell Street, Mike can be heard playing with Millish, Seth Bernard & May Erlewine, The Red Sea Pedestrians or Josh Davis.

Madcat & Kane still works as a duo, but when possible the Madcat, Kane and Maxwell Street takes the stage.

Check out the New CD

Live at the Creole Gallery

which features Madcat, Kane & Maxwell Street.

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