What's New?

- February 2018 -

Hey Friends - Welcome to the official Peter Madcat Ruth web page:

I am now endorsing Seydel Harmonicas. They are definitely the finest harmonicas I have ever played. Click here for more information..

Also, I was recently interviewed by my friend, PT Gazell, for his interview series called Seydel Overtones. Click here to see the interview..

The Madcat Midnight Blues Journey has been going strong for six years now. Click here to
Go to the Madcat Midnight Blues Journey page..

During the next few months I will be filling in my tour schedule for 2018. Be sure to check out my TOUR DATES page for up to date concert information, and then check out a live show if you have a chance. Live music is best!

Madcat wins a Grammy! Click here to
Go to the Grammy page.

Bookmark this website now because there will be more info added soon.

That's all for now,



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